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A test and electrical inspection of your fixed wiring system may be required for insurance, mortgage, licensing reasons; change of use, change of ownership, after additions or alterations, after damage; change of loading; to assess compliance with current Regulations.

The Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 puts the onus on landlords to ensure the electrical installation in their property is safe when the tenancy begins, and that it is maintained in a safe condition throughout that tenancy.

This requirement should form part of all property maintenance programs along with regular visual inspections to check for signs of damage and deterioration.

The general reasons for a periodic inspection and test is as follows:

  • To ensure the safety of persons and livestock.
  • To ensure protection of property from fire and heat.
  • To ensure the installation is not damaged so as to impair safety
  • To ensure that the installation is not defective and complies with the current regulations

Your premises will be inspected and tested by a qualified inspector (C&G 2381, 2391, 2377 Competent Person).

Testing will follow The IEE Guidance note 3 (Inspection & Testing) and Part 7 of BS 7671: 2001 (2004)

A Periodic Inspection Report with schedules of both the inspection and the test results is issued after completion.